Big News! Upcoming CD Release and Tour in Japan

Yoko Miwa recording on the Steinway at WGBH. Photo by Takehiko Tokiwa.

We’ve been quite busy in the last few weeks.  As you know, we were in the studio at WGBH recording.  In a marathon recording and editing session, we submitted a few songs and RCA Victor in Japan will be releasing our next CD on July 18! We’ll be on tour in Japan to promote the CD release from July 19th-31st, and we’re so excited to tour in Japan.  Details about venues will be coming soon.

Yoko and photographer/writer Takehiko Tokiwa of Jazz Life magazine.

While we were recording, Takehiko Tokiwa of Jazz Life (a Japanese jazz magazine) photographed the process.  He’s also writing an article about Yoko for the magazine and will be writing the liner notes for the CD.  Huge thanks to him for the fabulous recording session photos!  Click here to check out his photography website,

Scott, Yoko, and Will in front of Berklee College of Music where Yoko is on faculty. Photo by Takehiko Tokiwa.

Will Slater recorded with us for this CD and will be touring with us in Japan as well.  We had a special guest during our recording session at WGBH as well.  Jazz DJ Eric Jackson dropped by, and we were thrilled to have him there.  We’ll be posting more photos from the session on Flickr, Facebook, and Pinterest in the next few days, so be sure to follow our accounts.

Photo 1 and 3 credit: Takehiko Tokiwa


A Huge Thank You!

Yoko selecting a piano to use at the WGBH recording studio.

We want to thank everyone who voted for us for the Boston Phoenix’s contest.  Thank you for being fans, for voting, and for supporting us in this contest.  Whatever we place, it’s thanks to all of you and each and every one of your votes.  The winner will be announced next month so stay tuned.

It’s been a busy few weeks for us.  We have been recording at WGBH, and we’ll be sharing photos from those recording sessions soon so stay on the look out for them.  We’re also getting a feature in a Japanese magazine, Jazz Life, with the photo shoot for it happening today.

Bigger news?  We’ll be on tour in Japan in July! It will be a 12 day tour, and we’ll have more details soon.  It’s going to be a great summer with this tour, our opening performance at the Shalin Liu Performance Center, our gigs at Downtown Crossing, and more.  You can buy tickets to the Shalin Liu concert here.

Thank you all again for your enthusiasm and support!

Recording at WGBH Today

As you’re reading this, the Yoko Miwa Trio is at WGBH recording in their studio. We’re so happy to be there again and to share our music with their audience.

We’ve been pretty busy lately. If you follow our Facebook page, you saw a few shots from a documentary video that Yoko is participating in. The Yoko Miwa Trio also took part in Berklee College of Music’s piano faculty concert this spring. Here’s a video from that performance of “Mox Nix”:

What else is keeping us busy? Asking our friends, family, and fans to vote just one more time for us in the Boston Phoenix contest. Tomorrow is the last day to vote. We would love to get the vote of every single Facebook fan and blog reader to finish out the contest for Best Jazz Act. Click here to vote. It take just a few seconds. We were first runner up last year, so we know our fans’ votes can bring us a win this year. Thanks to all who have voted!

Rockport Jazz Festival Performance in August!

We’ll be making our debut at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA on August 16th!

As part of the Rockport Jazz Festival, we are opening for the Grace Kelly Quintet.  The performance is at 8 pm, so get there a little early to make sure you don’t miss our opening act.  Tickets can be purchased here.  We’re so excited to make our debut here.  The center is only a year old, the acoustics are state of the art, and the design is absolutely beautiful!  Other headliners for the festival are the Tierney Sutton Band, Roy Haynes, Ellis Marsalis, and Ann Hampton Callaway.

Grace Kelly, if you don’t know, is a female jazz instrumentalist and a Berklee grad.  She was also the winner of Top Jazz Act in Boston by the Boston Phoenix for the last four years.  She’s been retired from the category, and the Yoko Miwa Trio needs your votes to help us win.  Who better to take on the title than a Berklee alum (and current faculty member) who is also a powerful female jazz musician in her own right?  Vote for Yoko here.  The last day to vote is May 18th, and you can vote once per day..  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have two winners of the Boston Phoenix’s Jazz Act playing on the same stage on the same night?

How Did YOU Celebrate International Jazz Day?

The first ever International Jazz Day was on Monday, April 30th.  Last November, UNESCO decided to dedicate a day to highlight the cultural importance of jazz.  It’s such a unique blend of cultures and traditions, and UNESCO wanted a way to celebrate the significance of jazz in a way that will remember the greats of the past while encouraging new performers and fans to take part in this amazing art form.

We’d love to hear what you did to celebrate this great day.  Take a look at some of the videos of these historic performances celebrating this huge day in the jazz world:

The New Orleans Jazz Fest kicked off on Monday, maybe you were there or following along online?  Or perhaps you took in a local show or just listened to your favorite artists while at work?  Share how you participated either in the comments here or on our Facebook page.  Jazz is a universal art form, and we’d love to hear how our fans, who are spread across the globe, took part in celebrating.

Forgot about the day?  It’s okay, it was the first time it was celebrated, and we’re hoping it will grow as the years go on.  We’d love a vote for Best Jazz Act in Boston to make it up (wink, wink).  You can vote for us here.  Every vote helps.