Catch Us Live before We Go on Our Japan Tour

In all of the busyness of celebrating our win in the Boston Phoenix, being caught off guard by the recent WGBH announcement, and finalizing our Japanese tour dates, we didn’t want you to forget that we have quite a few gigs lined up at home.

If you’re in downtown Boston, check us out tomorrow at Macy’s for two gigs as part of the Boston Downtown Concert Series.  We’ll be playing at noon and 4 pm in the Downtown Crossing Macy’s (101 Arch Street).  We’re also playing next Monday at noon in Post Office Square as part of the same series.  Enjoy a lunch break and listen to our music.  Who knows, you might be more energized and productive at the office afterwards.

We’ll also be playing at tLes Zygomates on June 30th and July 10th and the Ryles on July 8th before we head off for Japan for 2 weeks.  Click here for all of our upcoming shows in the Boston area.  We hope to see you at one of them!

Sad Boston Jazz News

After such an amazing early part of the month, full of recording a new CD and winning best Boston jazz act, we were shocked to hear of the changes coming to local Boston jazz radio.  WGBH, the station whose studio we were just recording in, is cutting back hours of two prominent jazz shows.  Eric Jackson, a friend of the Yoko Miwa Trio and a prominent jazz DJ for WGBH, will no longer host his fantastic show Monday-Thursday evenings.  His show is getting pushed to Friday-Sunday with fewer hours.  Because of that time slot change, Steve Schwartz’s Friday show is being eliminated.  Both DJs have been in the Boston jazz scene for decades, and they have both been active in curating the best of jazz for their Boston audience.

We’ll keep you updated of any developments, but some of these programming changes may start as soon as July 2nd.

To read the article on the Boston Globe, click here.

The Best Jazz Act in Boston? The Yoko Miwa Trio!

We won! We won!

Yoko Miwa holding the award for best jazz act.

Thanks to our absolutely fantastic fans and friends, we won the Boston Phoenix best jazz act in Boston category.  We are beyond elated and just cannot thank you all enough for your amazing support.  It truly means the world to us to have such fabulous fans.  You’re the best!

Jon Garelick and Yoko Miwa.

Yoko was presented the gold record award yesterday, and editor Jon Garelick is pictured above with Yoko after the awards were handed out.  We’re honored to win such a talented category.

The award: a gold record.

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for your votes and support!

Our Upcoming July Tour Dates in Japan

We’re so excited for the release of our new album through JVC Victor Entertainment in Japan. As we mentioned in last week’s post, we’ll be on tour in Japan next month to promote our new CD. We wanted to share our tour dates with our Japanese fans so they can make plans to attend our performances. We’ll also be translating this schedule into our Artist Data account soon.

Here’s the schedule: