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A Note of Gratitude

Cherry blossoms or sakura. Photo by Erin Halvey

Tuesday’s performance at the Regattabar was a huge success!  We’ve received great feedback from audience members on our Facebook page, and our take on the traditional Japanese piece, Sakura, seemed to be very popular.

With that said, we’d like to thank the following for their support not only of this performance but of our work overall:

Regattabar, Brenda Prescott, Fred Taylor, Eric Jackson, Ann Braithwaite, Bob Blumenthal, Jon Garelick, Joe Zupan, Erin Halvey, Lauren Muscarella, Helen Feng, Anri Toda, Martin Hanley, Greg Loughman, Scott Goulding, Arthur Dahl, George Beale, Japanese Association of Greater Boston, The Japan Society of Boston, Scullers Jazz Club, Berklee College of Music, Ryles Jazz Club, Les Zygomates, Stellina, Mount Auburn Club

You have all been so instrumental, if you’ll pardon the pun, in leading us to where we are today.  A deep, heartfelt thank you to you all!